2 Wild and Crazy Movies

Red Double Feature (Red / Red 2) (Blu-ray)

All the politics, just now, is frying our brains and we need some relief. So this weekend we’ve been watching a pair of off-the-wall action-adventure movies, RED (2010) and its sequel, RED 2 (2013).

“RED” is an acronym for “Retired, Extremely Dangerous,” the label fixed on retired CIA agent Frank Moses, played by Bruce Willis. He falls in love with a harmless government clerk named Sarah (Mary-Louise Parker), and next thing he knows, his former Deep State employers are trying to kill them both. But that’s a lot harder than it looks.

John Malkovich is a scream as Moses’ sidekick, Marvin; and they’re assisted by a British assassin and superspy (Helen Mirren) and a Russian spy (Brian Cox). The Deep State throws everything at them that it’s got, but these agents–all put out to pasture because of their age–are up to any challenge, no matter how preposterous.

Yes, these are totally preposterous movies: that’s what’s so good about them! All you have to do is sit back and enjoy them. The bad guys are mighty, but not mighty enough–it makes you wonder why they decided to retire Frank and his crew. Morgan Freeman is also on hand as an 80-year-old spy whose Hugo Chavez imitation totally suckers ultra-bad guy Richard Dreyfuss.

There’s nothing here but fun, and that’s just what the doctor ordered. We have our prayers, we have our work, we have a major national crisis to contend with; but a good laugh along the way can help to keep us strong. And sane.

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