Civil War, or What?

Photos from President Donald Trump's first campaign rally kicks off in Tulsa

There’s a lot of talk of civil war being bandied about this weekend. And I have some questions.

*How do you govern a country when most of the voters who are real persons–as opposed to computer-generated fake votes–are convinced your election was a fraud, a crime, and you have no right to govern?

*Would you want to go to war with an army of whimpering college students and unhinged anarchists? ‘Cause that’s who’s fightin’ for the Democrats.

*They keep telling us “80 million people” voted for China Joe Biden. Well, where are they? Where are the Biden rallies? The country’s popping with Trump rallies. Could it be the Biden voters are invisible because they never existed? Remember what Biden’s campaign rallies looked like? You could’ve held one in your garage without having to move your car.

*How much evidence of election fraud has to be assembled here? It already towers to the sky. No rational person can deny it. No honest person would try.

Personal to President Trump: [Note: This opinion is my own, and does not reflect the views of anyone else at the Chalcedon Foundation.]

Mr. President, even as you’ve been with us all the way, we are with you. Don’t give up! We know this abominable travesty of an election is a crime, a fraud. It must not be allowed. The cowardly inaction of the Supreme Court was a disappointment; but we must persevere regardless.

You see the rallies, sir. We’re with you! We will not be governed by Red China, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, or our Lying Worthless News Media Inc. We do not consent to them having any authority over our nation.

Please, Mr. President, hang tough. Pray for God to fight for us, and defeat these wicked and ungodly persons.



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  1. The most corrupt members of the House are now calling for, and planning for, the release of ALL violent felons from jails “to protect them against coronavirus.” Translated: “to protect themselves from the civil war they’re trying desperately to start.” And amen to your message to Trump.

    1. The object has always been to create chaos and confusion. That’s how tyrants take power.

    2. Well, I’ll have to write about that tomorrow–can’t let it pass.
      This schiff sounds like it ought to be satire, but it’s Democrats destroying the country.
      God help us.

  2. It’s my opinion that a limited war has been going on most of this year, but it has escalated dramatically. Like everyone else, I am unable to foresee what happens, but I believe that liberty will prevail. I had hoped to retire to a quiet life, in a few years, but I’m not so certain that will happen now.

    1. For reasons which evade even my techie brain, I can’t authenticate from an iPad. I deleted all offline content from your site, which should have done the trick, but it didn’t help. I’ll continue to fiddle with it. IN the meantime, I may be sporadic.

  3. You speak for millions of Americans (and for many people in foreign lands who think well of us) who think as you do but can’t express it as well! Let us remain steadfast.

    1. You bring up a good point. As the implications of the current situation begin to point to the possibility of foreign actors, you can be assured that the US is not alone in this fight.

  4. Great post, Lee. This would be good material for NewsWithViews! Someone has to make a movie with this plot of a country being taken over by fake votes – wait, that is what could be happening now if Jesus doesn’t do a miracle on our behalf.

    1. I’ve just heard that some of the… uh… “ballots” were printed and filled out in China.
      This is war. It is an attack on our country, facilitated by Democrats.
      Pray President Trump doesn’t give up!

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