‘Government Climate Change Wiz Draws Prison Term for Fraud’ (2016)

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Speaking of phony weather forecasts, fraudulent elections, and other humbugs reminded me of this incident from three years ago–the EPA’s highest-paid employee sentenced to 32 months in prison for… well, fraud.

Government Climate Change Whiz Draws Prison Term for Fraud

For 15 years this guy pretended he was working for the CIA in Pakistan so don’t bother him, he’s busy being a super-spy. He got away with it for 15 years.

But as a noted Climate Change wallah, he was making a career of fraud. Scare the plebs so they’ll obey the government! We’re all gonna die (!) unless we give the government vast new powers to meddle with our lives!

I’m sure he’s out of jail by now–probably waiting for China Joe Biden to re-hired him.

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