My Newswithviews Column, Dec. 17 (‘The Age of Manufactured Consent’)

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“Have we showed her the hairs on our legs yet, my precious? Gollum-gollum!”

I really don’t think people are mad enough about this: using new technology and old tricks, Democrats and Red China have stolen our 2020 presidential election. Stolen it right out from under us and installed a puppet, a satrap, China Joe Biden, who campaigned by lurking in his basement.

The Age of Manufactured Consent

They have taken away our power to grant or not to grant consent. They liked the Swamp just as it was, the used every dirty trick in the book to stop Donald Trump from draining it, and now they can do anything they please because they now have an unlimited supply of fake votes to generate a fake consent!

Do you get it? Public opinion no longer matters. Public support is no longer needed for any crackpot policy the Swamp decides to impose on us.

We really need to be much angrier about this than we seem to be.

4 comments on “My Newswithviews Column, Dec. 17 (‘The Age of Manufactured Consent’)

  1. Frankly, it has been made VERY clear that our opinions and desires as American citizens don’t mean a damned thing. We have had four years of OPEN treason (before that we had generations of HIDDEN treason!) as well as the horrific scandal of world wide human trafficking especially of children ~ and in fact, we don’t know a hundredth of what has gone and is going on! The demand by Americans for justice has been patently ignored and the man chosen to be president by a TREMENDOUS majority of We the People is being turned out of office by a crooked election backed by virtually EVERY PART of the so-called “American government.” No, what we want was long ago relegated to the ash heap of history and soon, if things continue on their present course, so will our country and ourselves.

  2. Believe me, if I got any angrier, my blood pressure would go out the top of my head. (Great article, though.)

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