Detroit Sues BLM for Riots, Etc.

The Black Lives Matter Revolution Can't Be Co-Opted By Police and Lawmakers  | Teen Vogue

It’s okay when they torch the city!

Ooh, what’s this? Another little crack in the Berlin Wall of rioting, intimidation, censorship, and election fraud that Democrats and their puppets in the media are trying to build around America… Sure looks like it.

The city of Detroit is suing [Only] Black Lives Matter for a “civil conspiracy” against the city ( The “civil conspiracy” consists of riots and other violent acts, crazy political demands, terrorizing targeted neighborhoods, and injuring police officers.

Back in September the, um, “protesters” found a nice cooperative judge who ruled that the Detroit Police couldn’t use riot gear against them.

A prominent leftist stooge in Congress called the city’s lawsuit “an unthinkable assault on our constitutional rights” (!). How many guesses do you need to pinpoint which hypocrite said that? What–there are too many who could’ve said it? All right, it was Rashida Tlaib. And our constitutional right to riot in favor of causes she believes in.

You’d think a Democrat city like Detroit would be more than a little indulgent toward the Stalinist race merchants of “Black Lives Matter.” But it seems BLM has worn out its welcome even there. Even Democrats can’t take any more of their schiff.

Here’s to the Left fracturing into a dozen cannibalistic factions eager to devour each other.

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