By Mark Rushdoony: ‘Be Encouraged!’

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Mark Rushdoony has an answer for those who look at the state of the world, despair of the gospel, and say “Just look around you.”

All right: look. “Yet what do we see each Christmas? The world must stop and recognize the impact of Jesus Christ on history.”

It’s a short little essay, brief but to the point. For me to say more would spoil it.

3 comments on “By Mark Rushdoony: ‘Be Encouraged!’

  1. Just as pessimism has no place in the Christian walk, neither does fear, and that is what all the mask mandates are all about, keeping the masses in fear: “We’re all going to die!” The threat of a healthy person dying from the Wuhan Virus is 0.1%, i.e. 99.9% of people who get it will not die; in fact most just have a mild cold. Satan is the father of lies, and have we ever been bombarded with lies in 2020.

  2. Thank you for these words of encouragement, which are so desperately needed right now. I’m going to share this one in my newsletter (which I’m finally getting out today…I hope). Merry Christmas, Lee!

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