Georgia Senate Committee Finds ‘Massive Election Fraud’

Voter Fraud

Are we starting to see a few hairline cracks in the wall of fraud that was our latest presidential election?

A special committee of the Georgia Senate has recommended decertifying the state’s electors because of “massive election fraud” supported by abundant evidence (

The committee report called the election “chaotic and any reported results must be viewed as untrustworthy.” The report also cites abundant “evidence of a coordinated effort to prevent a transparent process of observing the counting of ballots…”

And again we have Democrats whining that there wasn’t enough fraud–repeat, there wasn’t enough fraud–to affect the outcome of the election.

We must ask again, how much fraud are we supposed to tolerate? What is an acceptable level of election fraud? Must we recognize a proved fraudster as the winner of a presidential election? Just how corrupt does our country and our electoral process have to be before we cry out against it?

Pray the Lord our God, even at this late hour, to intervene and overturn this travesty of an election–the biggest and worst crime ever committed against the United States of America.

A word of comfort: the first few cracks in the dyke are always very small. But they won’t stay that way.

4 comments on “Georgia Senate Committee Finds ‘Massive Election Fraud’

  1. Tuesday Trump finally addressed the nation to the extent of the election fraud and the truth that he won in a landslide. Imagine the chutzpa of our enemy thinking they could overthrow a landslide election by a burned-out crooked politician who didn’t even really campaign. Think of all the phony conservatives and pastors that have been revealed by this!! The truth will win out – keep the faith!

  2. May God grant us a glorious victory over our enemies, so complete that the whole world will wonder at it. And may it lead us, each and every one, to return to God and seek him with our whole hearts. In Christ’s name, Amen.

  3. It would seem that the cracks are appearing in many places. I would expect some fireworks today, or tomorrow. Trump laid his case before the nation on Tuesday and there is talk of military assets pre-staging in Nevada. This could get very … energetic.

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