Our Tree Is Done! (And I’m Done For)

tree 002

Two hours of non-stop motion, much of it consisting of bending up and down–and our Christmas tree is decorated! Huzzah! I’m beat!

You’ll pardon for posting a picture of last year’s Christmas tree. Our camera’s been temperamental lately.

Why is it such a big job? my sister wondered. “You must have an awful lot of ornaments.”

Forsooth, we have a prodigious lot of ornaments! And I know the history of each and every one, too. Many of them once belonged to family members who have passed on but are certainly not forgotten. I couldn’t bear to leave those off the tree.

After I sleep, or crash, or just plain plotz, we shall throw open the doors of our imaginary Victorian house for our cyber-Christmas party. I hope you all can make it! We’ll have carol singing (with my imaginary harpsichord), all sorts of games, and food and drink like you wouldn’t believe.

But for now I feel like I just fell down the stairs, so see you in a bit.

14 comments on “Our Tree Is Done! (And I’m Done For)

  1. I understand what you are saying. I experience this exhaustion every day, and I don’t even do anything fancy, just the necessities. Anyway, we will be happy to attend your virtual party. I’ll be bringing those brownies you asked for. Should I ice them with cream cheese frosting or chocolate?

  2. Oh, right you are. I will do a pan of each. Wish I really could. By the way, your tree is gorgeous.

  3. Merry and Blessed Christmas, everyone! As soon as I get back from church, I’ll whip up a batch of those Korean meat patties that I promised for the party. I’ll have a batch of cat toys for the cats as well. No catnip, though — it doesn’t agree with Iggy.

    1. My father, who always pretended he didn’t like cats–which never fooled our cat, Henry, who never lost a chance to jump onto my father’s lap–and thought it cruel of me to give Henry some catnip. The two of them had an incredibly complicated relationship.

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