So Who Was at the Biden Rally?

What if they had a Democrat rally in Atlanta and nobody came? Oh, wait a minute–they did have a Democrat rally in Atlanta and nobody came.

Crikey, they tell us this bozo, this monkey, got 80+ million votes–and no one comes to hear him speak? A flea circus would draw a bigger crowd than this. There are more signs than people. More “journalists” than people.

You’d think they could’ve hit Soros up for some money and manufactured a cheering crowd. Was it too much trouble, to do that? Or do they really, truly think “We’ve got this, we’ve already got it, we don’t have to do anything”? After all, they have voting machines that reliably give them however many votes they need to manufacture a consent. Public support has become irrelevant to them.

This is why we’re going to win: the enemy is both stupid and so puffed up with hubris that he can’t see straight. All we have to do is not give up. Keep gathering the evidence, speaking the truth, and by all means turn off the nooze media: they’re just the organ grinders’ monkeys. There’s too much evidence to sweep under the rug, with more coming in by the hour. This presidential election was perverted, corrupted, and stolen by the Democrats. Do not give up. Do not rest until it’s overturned.

Because if it’s not, we don’t have a republic anymore.

And that’s all the nooze I’m gonna do today, or Christmas Day–so enjoy it (if that’s the word for it).

9 comments on “So Who Was at the Biden Rally?

  1. I can’t believe Biden legally got all those votes. I’m praying that several senators and representatives will object to the electoral college votes. Knowing that God is in charge is the only true comfort I have.

    1. Wow I wonder if you are experiencing what I was experiencing earlier this year where i can’t comment for months! I did check my setting, my spam filter and my trash comment to make sure its not my end

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