Breakers Ahead–Look Sharp

The Gracchi Brothers | Roman History

The Gracchi brothers

It must never be forgotten, and never accepted, that Democrats employed massive fraud to win the 2020 election, the greatest crime ever committed against the United States. Because of it, we are entering a very dangerous period in our history.

The only right outcome is for the Democrat Party to go out of business. After this, who but a fool or a fanatic would trust them? But their departure will leave a vacuum that, one way or another, must be filled.

Another likely outcome, which to me seems difficult to avoid, would be a split in the Republican Party, populists vs. elitists, with the elitists picking up a major portion of former Democrats. It was this very split that ultimately destroyed the Roman republic. At one point, the plebs were so angry that they deserted the city and refused to come back until the Senate conceded their rights.

But the tension between the two classes remained, and late in the Second Century B.C. boiled over. From 133 to 121 B.C. the Gracchi brothers, radical tribunes, strove against the Senate to reform the state and its economy. The Gracchi went too far, too fast, and the Senate had them assassinated. It was all downhill from there, until Julius Caesar in the First Century B.C. finally put an end to the republic except in name only.

We must not let that happen here.

One thing we have going for us, that the Roman republic didn’t have, is a written Constitution. Their constitution, to which all paid lip service, was always a work in progress, never finalized. It proved unable to defend itself. We have a written Constitution to defend. We will at least know what we’re fighting for.

Even more importantly, we have our prayers, we have a God who is righteous, just, and all-powerful to whom we can pray. We can hope in His mercy and His grace. If it pleases Him to save us, then we will be saved. But as it was our sins, our sloth, and our folly that landed us in all this trouble in the first place, we have some serious repenting to do.

If we want our republic, our freedom, our stability, and our prosperity to continue, we will have to be exceedingly careful for a long time to come.

May God uphold and guide us.


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  1. This is why I write, Lee. I want to put books out there for our youths that not only have strong Christian themes but also include the gospel message and quotes straight from the Bible.

  2. Of course, all along the courts and the Deep Staters keep saying, “Constitution? We don’t need no stinkin’ Constitution.” Or, rather, the Constitution is “a living document,” by which they mean they can make it say whatever they want it to say.

    One of the nightmarish things about all of this is that there’s nothing we can do about it, and they constantly remind us that there’s nothing we can do about it. We no longer have recourse to any of the three branches of the government, we never had recourse to the bureaucrats in the Deep State, the media publish only what they want us to think, and the online moguls shut us down when we try to stray from the Party line. And they’re all so sure they can get away with murder that they let us know their plans for the murder ahead of time. (“Arrows in our quiver,” “red mirage,” “Biden, do not concede under any circumstances,” and so on), Sometimes they even outright admit they’ve lied before and will probably lie again (viz. the Exalted Dr. Fauci). They no longer care whether we know what they’re doing to us. They know we can’t stop them.

    And that’s my optimistic note for today. Wait till you hear the pessimistic one. 🙁

    1. Livia, to Claudius: No, they won’t let me into the Senate because I’m a woman, and they won’t let you in because you’re a fool. And that’s strange, because there’s no one in the Senate but old women and fools.

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