Carol Contest: Only 4 Days Left to Go

Our Second Annual Christmas Carol Contest got off to a great start, but has since let all the air out and is just lying there. Ninety percent of the entries were made by 5 percent of the readers; and the leading carol emerged on the first day of the contest and is still in front today.

All I can say is, I dunno what happened.

Anyhow, we’ve got four more days and anything can happen–right?

So here, to get somebody, anybody, started–Away in a Manger, British melody, sung by the choir of Kings College, Cambridge.

5 comments on “Carol Contest: Only 4 Days Left to Go

  1. How about “Mary Had a Baby (My Lord)”? I especially like the traditional version by Odetta or by (you guessed it) the Robert Shaw Chorale.

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