‘Knowing Things That Aren’t True’ (2013)

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Acme False Facts, Guaranteed 100 % Untrue, are fun. But the false facts that shape public opinion and public policy, they’re not so much fun.

Knowing Things That Aren’t True

We believe a lot of things that aren’t true. Believe? No–we know these things! Because someone told us. We heard it somewhere. Yeah, it was on NPR. Man-Made Climate Change. Systemic Racism. Things that other people made up.

Every time a truth is told, a Democrat breaks out in hives.

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  1. Illusions are so much more comfortable than hard facts. But as a friend of mine used to say, “The truth is sometimes a hard rock to crash up against, but it keeps you from being washed out to sea.”

    This was a friend, by the way, who helped me see the truth of Christianity. Rest her soul.

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