Clashing Contests–and Bigger, Better Prizes

Somebody–I think it was either Clyde Beatty or Amenhotep II–once said you ruin contests if you have too many of them. But sometimes it can’t be helped. Our Second Annual Christmas Carol Contest is down to its last few drops, and there really ought to be a contest–about now!–to commemorate Comment No. 70,000 posted on this site.

Byron the Quokka has pressured me to offer bigger and better prizes. Well, all right. How about this for a prize–?

USS New Jersey (BB-62) - Wikipedia

The Battleship New Jersey!

After all, the Navy isn’t using it anymore, they’ve turned it into a museum and surely wouldn’t notice if you or some other reader won it in a contest. I mean, who wants an autographed book by me, when they could have a genuine battleship instead?

And if that isn’t enough to jazz up a comment contest, here’s a prize that should really pack ’em in!

Slovenia Map and Satellite Image

The country of Slovenia!

Nestled in between Italy and Croatia, with Austria and Hungary peering over its shoulders, Slovenia makes an ideal vacation destination. And it can be yours! All you have to do is post the 70 thousandth comment to this blog. P.S.–If you win, they’d rather you didn’t change the country’s name or try to move it to a location closer to home.

Well! I guess I’ve shown Byron who can think big around here! He wants to give out a bicycle for a prize. Well, Slovenia is full of bicycles!

Let the contest begin: we need just under 2,000 comments to finish.

9 comments on “Clashing Contests–and Bigger, Better Prizes

  1. I’m trying to decide how to fit the battleship into the Olentangy River. Hmmm … how about something between a bicycle and a battleship … which sounds like a quotation from Lewis Carroll, doesn’t it?

    Seriously, though, Lee, I’d really love to have a chance at one of your books, but in all fairness I’d have to cede the prize to the next person in line because I’ve already won two books. I’d just plain feel like a pig to take another one when there are people out there who haven’t won at all. Just hitting the winning number would be prize enough for me. These games are fun. (When I was a kid, one of my cousins and I used to cheat in each other’s favor when we played card games or board games, in order to keep the games from ending.)

    1. The problem is that about 10% of the viewers make 90% of the comments. That leads to multiple wins by the most frequent commenters. I don’t know what to do about that, to spread the wins out. I’ll listen to any suggestions!

  2. I don’t own a full lot so don’t have room for the battleship….which I would love to have. Also no room for Slovania…..which I couldn’t use. A book would be a wonderful prize for me.

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