‘Unclean! Unclean!’

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Medieval lepers–‘Unclean, unclean!’

I went out to the sidewalk this morning to bring in my garbage cans, and encountered one of my neighbors standing nearby, face mask and all. When she saw me coming, she took a rather dramatic detour onto the lawn. I like this person and wished her a happy New Year anyway, but I can’t say I enjoyed being shunned as a leper.

Is this going to go on indefinitely? Is it going to get worse? When do we get to see each other’s faces again?

King COVID, which has a mortality rate of less than 1 percent except for certain particularly vulnerable groups of people, is warping our society. Democrats intend for it to do just that–because it’s so much easier to rule people when you keep them too scared to get together.

Meanwhile, suddenly people seem to have stopped dying of the flu. But we know that some of our “authorities” habitually ascribe all deaths to COVID. Rope breaks and window washer falls 20 stories to his death–and they say COVID killed him. You know the drill.

It’s not good for us to shun each other.

And what kind of fool doesn’t know that?

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  1. While there are vulnerable people that probably are wise to lay low, I would opine that for most healthy, active people, the threat is all but non-existent. A coworker, and his entire family got it and recovered without incident. I’ve known of several people with significant health problems that got through it with little difficulty.

    In the meantime, society is all but shutdown. Just browsing at a store has become a rare luxury. The social cost of this is high, indeed.

    That having been said, I’ve been telling you to have that leprosy looked at, Lee. 🙂

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