An All-Time Record Month

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Last month this blog had its first 12,000-view month. Shazzam! But this month, as of late this morning, has more than 14,000 views! Holy moly.

Last year we ran up 122,000 views. Then, for three months in a row–July, August, and September–we had Internet problems and viewership went way down. It looked like we weren’t going to match last year’s total, let alone beat it.

But these two record-setting months gave us 129,000 views. So we grew some after all.

Now I know that a bunch of numbers makes for rather dull reading, so let me plug this in, just to liven things up:

I must apologize for the idiots offstage. It’s one of those things that happens when you show a movie.

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  1. If necessary, we’ll bail water and row like crazy. (Maybe you should have posted the galley scene from Ben Hur!)

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