More Evidence: Hacking the Voting Machines

Yesterday in front of an audience of Georgia senators, inventor Jovan Pulitzer hacked into a Dominion Systems voting machine in Fulton County. “We’re in!” he announced.

The law says “This should not happen,” he explained: the voting machines are not supposed to be connected to the Internet or networked with each other: the law says they are not be be “connected devices.”

Why not? Duh! Because if they are connected, then a hacker can get in and corrupt the whole network! A hacker would be able, Pulitzer said, “to modify data and feed it back into the system.” “Modify data” means to change votes.

How much more evidence does anybody need that this was a corrupt, fraudulent election? All the Dominion Systems voting machines are suspect now. All of them.

Lord! What a time for cowardice to spread its wings and fly! The evidence keeps piling up; and the keepers of our republic clap their hands over their eyes and stop their ears. The don’t want to see it, they don’t want to hear it.

But the American people are seeing it. The American people are hearing it. In spite of our perverted nooze media doing everything they can to cover up the truth.

Democrats do not care how badly they damage the country, as long as they get to be in power over us. This is a truth: carve it in stone. They’ve been proving it every day.

There are 75 million of us who know we’ve been cheated. That has to count for something. Are we so easily conquered as this? All it took was a lot of crooked voting machines and lying noozies?

If the persons who did this to us are not our nation’s enemies… then what are they?

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