I Amb reely Sick Nhow!!!!

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I amb riting this heer Poast “fromb” the Collidge Infurmery becose i amb Still sick becose i must’of eated Too Mutch Play-Doh in facked our hole Stoodint Soviet wee “are” Awl Sick!!!!!

This it “Is” becose Of Racism,, somb Racist thay “put” somb Thing in “the” Play-Doah and nhow wen we do Numbber Twoo it is lyke A Rock!!!! and its In “alll” The Play-Doh cullers red and yalu and blue etc.,!! and it stil pheels lyke i has got a lode of Gravvle in my gutz!!!!! we wher Ownly triing “To” avoyd eeting meet and vejtubbles and somb Poor Gye his leggs thay fell Offf!!!! Butt “It Is” a Smawl Pryce to Paye for Socile Jutstus!!!!!!!!

Thay taked my tempertchure Tooday and it “was” like Sevinty-One deegrees oar sombThing, sea i awlyays knowed i wood Get “a” Deegree! and my Moth Antenners thay “Are” spining al a-ruond And a-ruond lyke Crayzie!!!! Yiu arnt saposed To “get” Sick fromb eeting Play-Doh,, we must’of got Poysinned by a Biggit!!!! i bet crisschins done It,,, thay wher Mad At Us foar stoping Crismiss!!!

“The” Dockter she sayed i whil Get Beter but i Cant “eeat” no moar Play-Doh butt she doughnt know i has got A Hole Stash in “my prefessers” Toool Shedd so ha-ha-ha “on” Her!!!!!!

Somb Boddy thay sayed tooday it “Is” Noo Yeers butt that Cant “be” rihght becose Its ownly Jannyuery!!!

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