Sabbath Rest

gentle snowfall * - YouTube

I want to rest, this Sabbath day. We should all rest: God knows we need it, and if we’re going to take our country’s future seriously, we’ll need to be well rested for the week (and weeks) to come.

I don’t see how you certify or ratify an election so rife with fraud as this one. I don’t see how the authorities can refuse to allow a thorough audit: because how do you govern when better than half the country is convinced you have no right to be there? Do they think it’ll go away? No–it will hang over any Biden regime (it sickens me to say it) forever. It will never go away: they cheated to get there. They cheated us. The stole our country from us.

So pray. We need to repent the sins, the sloth, and the foolishness that got us into all this trouble. We have to stop doing wicked stupid things. Our country is in the most danger it’s ever been in, not excluding World War II. The enemy is here and he has stolen our election.

It must not stand.

Fight it until it’s defeated; and may God the Father fight for us.

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