New House Rules: Government by Idiots

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Governed by… this

We are told some 80 million of us, who now can’t be seen or heard from, voted for this.

Have we really deserved this?

New rules of conduct and procedure for the House of Representatives, to be voted upon after the 117th Congress convenes on the grave of our republic, proposes to be “the most inclusive [House] in history”–by excluding all but “gender neutral” pronouns ( Representatives won’t be allowed to say inflammatory words like mother, father, daughter, son, etc.

Somehow this gibberish “increases accountability for the American people” because it will “honor all gender identities.” Pardon me while I go out and scream. I mean, what does this schiff even mean?

Oh–and if this goes through, as Democrats intend, the whole federal code will have to be rewritten and reprinted to incorporate these absurd changes. How much will that cost, then?

It is a shame to us, a reproach, to be governed by such wastes of space as these. What in Heaven’s name were we thinking when we voted for them? But of course we don’t really vote anymore: the machines do our voting for us.

For what it’s worth–not much, I confess–I do not consent to be governed by these people.

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