They’re Taking Down the Inauguration Viewing Stands

PHOTOS: Viewing stands dismantled as Bidens plan COVID-safe inauguration  festivities | WJLA

Not so fast there, guys!

So first they put them up and now, a few weeks later, they take them down–the viewing stands for China Joe Biden’s fraudulent presidential inauguration (

They say it’s because of King COVID, which is the reason for everything these days. But we had COVID in November and December: did they only just find out about it? Why did they erect those viewing stands in the first place?

Oh, no, the decision to take them down couldn’t possibly have anything to do with a fear that real people would fill them and boo the fake president! And they couldn’t have been worried about those fake Biden voters failing to show up because they don’t exist: George Soros can always supply them with a rent-a-mob.

I guess they just don’t want too many people watching the most shameful moment in all of American history.

5 comments on “They’re Taking Down the Inauguration Viewing Stands

  1. They’re probably afraid no one would show up, just as almost no one showed up at his “rallies.”

    Maybe they’ll set up a few folding chairs in his basement.

    (By the way, this is the second time I’ve tried to post this reply. Last time, it seemed to be posting, but it disappeared instead.)

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