Twelve Senators Demand Election Audit

Sen. Ted Cruz Says Judge Amy Coney Barrett 'Will Make A Strong Justice' –  Houston Public Media

Senator Ted Cruz, along with 11 other senators, has stated that they will object to the certifying of 2020’s extremely questionable presidential election and have called for a thorough audit of it (

The Democrats, backed up by their tools in the nooze media and Big Tech, keep trying to sweep away all reports and allegations of fraud in that election. If they repeat the lie often enough, they hope the controversy will simply dry up and blow away.

But we have “thousands of allegations of fraud,” according to Stella Morabito’s essay in The Federalist; and if these are not addressed, the cloud over the election will linger and “abnormality becomes the ‘new normal’ and self-government is lost.”

And all we get from Democrats, Republican surrender monkeys, and the in-the-bag nooze media and Big Tech is barefaced denials of any fraud at all, name-calling–the usual bag of tricks–and incessant demands that this iffy election be certified and China Joe Biden rushed into the White House, end of story.

Well, it’s not the end of the story, is it? They just spent four years and then some, every hour of every day, trying to overturn the 2016 election and run President Donald Trump out of office so they can all go back to corruption as usual. How any regime can govern with such a cloud of crime hanging over its head is a mystery.

It is not going to go away, and we are not going to forget.

You stole our republic and we want it back.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. I agree completely. I have lost so much respect for men and women I used to admire. The system is mired in corruption. How we address this going forward will define our future.

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