Don’t Forget the Comment Contest

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G’day! Byron the Quokka here, jumping an obstacle course of puddles to remind you that we have a comment contest going, and it’s a big one: shooting for Comment No. 70,000.

Yes, I know we’ve just finished our Second Annual Christmas Carol Contest and we probably shouldn’t be running a comment contest just yet. But 70,000 is a biggie and it only comes around once!

And we only need a few more than a thousand comments to get there.

I tried to get Lee to offer a jet-powered bicycle as the prize, but he just can’t think that big. So the winner will get an autographed book instead. *Sigh*

Oh! And we’ve heard from our cover artist, Kirk DouPonce: he says he’ll have a rough draft for us, soon, of cover art for The Wind from Heaven. We can hardly wait to see it.

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