Mask or Die!

Woman wearing a mask while running

So some nut walked into a gym in Maplewood, Minnesota, to complain that some of the patrons weren’t wearing masks during their workouts and demanded that the management Enforce The Mandate ( And when the clerk said they didn’t have enough employees to do it, the nut pulled a gun on him.

He was all set to barge into the gym with the gun in his hand, he was heading for the entrance when the manager tackled him. Bold soul! The manager told police he was afraid this kook would shoot anyone who wasn’t wearing a mask.

Leftids get very upset when people don’t obey them. And they really, really like government mandates!

The face mask has become a symbol of obedience to King COVID and his court. It’s sort of a Mark. If you ain’t got the Mark, you ain’t buyin’ food. And you certainly can’t be allowed to work out in a gym! The governor of California wants you–repeat, you, not him–to wear your mask “between bites” when you go to a restaurant.

Do you think the manager was just being silly when he tackled the zombie with the gun? That he really had nothing to worry about?

If you do, then you don’t understand the Far Left Crazy.

6 comments on “Mask or Die!

  1. And of course threatening to shoot people shows a lot of concern for their health and safety. Oh, but I forgot, he wants to shoot them in order to protect his own health and safety. And this means he’s selfless and the unmasked people are selfish.

  2. What’s worse according to a liberal? Guns, or someone not wearing a mask?
    I mean, I thought that in the ultimate order of evil, Donald Trump was No. 1 and guns were a close second.

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