How Did This Happen?

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The last I heard of Ross, he was a little boy and his father, Mark Rushdoony, was reading my book, Bell Mountain, out loud to him at bedtime.

So it was a shock when we got our “Rushdoony 2020 Year in Review” yesterday… and there’s this guy in a cowboy hat, with a mustache, a grown man… and it’s Ross.

How did that happen? What does he mean, coming in here all grown up? I mean, it feels like I only wrote the book a couple of years ago. Next thing I know, Ross will be reading it to his own little boy or girl. And I’ll be checking for trilobites under the bed.

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Does that mean I now have readers who hadn’t been born yet, when the book came out? True, they’d only be ten years old. But my wife and I were both reading for pleasure by the time we were ten.

My characters are getting older, too, with each new book in the series; but I can control that (I think).

Well, not to worry. Keep on going, bhai, keep on going. God’ll let you know when it’s time to stop.

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  1. I know the feeling. I’m about to send a birthday card to someone whom I first knew when she was 2 years old and I had just separated from the Air Force and was starting my third career. She’ll be 42 next week. I agree: “How did this happen?” Come to think of it, she’s probably thinking the same thing.

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