‘No More Girls in Girls’ School?’ (2016)

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I guess some of us were laughing at this when it was happening a few years ago, but it isn’t so funny now.

No More Girls in Girls’ School?

Why this stampede from normality? It’s not funny: it’s profoundly wicked, thoroughly insane, and ultimately satanic. And the people who are pushing it ought to be in a rubber room somewhere.

It’s not just in goofy old Europe anymore. Only this week have our own satanic Democrats proposed to go whole-hog “gender neutral” in the House of Representatives and rewrite the whole federal code to get rid of objectionable words like “mother,” “father,” “sister,” “brother”–the whole human family lexicon.

We are told 80 million of us voted for this schiff.

No, it’s not funny anymore. Not funny at all.

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