If They Can Do It To Us, They Can Do It To You

Boston Tea Party - Definition, Dates & Facts - HISTORY

Are we the same people who turned out for the Boston Tea Party?

God knows what tomorrow will bring; but at the moment we’re staring down the barrel of a fraudulent election and the installation of a doddering, crooked puppet in the White House and the imposition of a Far Left Crazy agenda on America.

It’s true we’re in this trouble because of our sins, our sloth, and our folly. But we’re also in it because the global bad guys have developed technology that enables them to steal a national election–any nation’s election: even ours. They have done away with the need for any consent of the governed. Their computers spit out Manufactured Consent. Public support has become irrelevant. Unnecessary.

Historically, America is the home of government by the consent of the governed: it’s in our Declaration of Independence. This is where consent of the governed lives. Our country has been the model for other nations looking to establish fair and decent government.

Now where will they go to find it?

Attention, world! If they can do this to America, they can do it to anybody. Freedom? Kiss it goodbye. However many votes the tyrant needs to saw off your leg and eat it, he’ll get them out of a Dominion Systems voting machine networked with Communist China. And he’ll tell you that you all voted for it! Just like we all voted for China Joe Biden.

If you like your freedom, it’s getting kind of late in the game to protect it.

In Jesus’ name, may God the Father set our sins aside and fight for us, to deliver us out of the hands of the profoundly wicked.

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