‘Starve the Beast!’ (2017)

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It’s always okay when college students do it!

For years we had to listen to sack-of-schiff noozies describe riots as “mostly peaceful protests” while an assortment of liberals cheered them on as necessary for Social Justice.

Then you have one little riot against Congress and the whole sky falls in. Have they already forgotten how much they enjoyed and approved of all the riots from 2016 through 2020?

Starve the Beast!

Of all the factors that have turned America into a lawless lunatic preserve, none has played a greaterrole than public education,” especially the bloated, overfunded university system. But we are in the business of creating Far Left stooges.

And now, with a stolen election established as the norm, and the entire apparatus of government controlled by lackeys of Communist China, the education beast will gorge itself on the money that we worked for.

8 comments on “‘Starve the Beast!’ (2017)

  1. I believe we are definitely in the beginning of the “birth pangs” and we are observing the things in Matthew 24, Luke 17 and 21. It will only become more difficult until the sounding of the seventh trumpet. Gird up, pray up and stand strong.m

    1. In view of the context, which includes the restoration of Israel, I would opine the the events of recent years are unique in all of history. All we can do is rely upon the LORD to sustain us, as He has promised to do.

    2. We have work to do, whether it is the End Times or not. The return of Christ is our deliverance and we are literally commanded to keep on the watch. A global empire is part of what we would expect in the End Times. it looks like that is shaping up before our eyes.

  2. It is shaping up,, and we do have work to do. The harvest is ripe and we are to pray the Lord of the harvest send workmen into the field, both reapers and gleaners. This is our opportunity to explain, Biblically what is happening to those who are lost and without a clue.

  3. I’m so sick of the left denying, downplaying and divert attention from what these riots have done; and now added to it is their hypocritical response

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