Election Fraud: The Aftermath

If you don't stop lying You'll grow up to be a News reporter - iFunny :)

Heaping up the hubris–the “political director” at ABC Nooze wants a “cleansing” of America from Trump supporters (https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/abc-demands-cleansing-trump-movement-from-america/ar-BB1cyVJ7)… because, of course, President Donald Trump is “like Hitler.”

We are watching “The Narrative”–that’s noozie-speak for a B.S. story that isn’t true–be crafted right before our very eyes.

*All the riots in all our cities for nine months were just “mostly peaceful protests,” no matter how much property they destroyed, no matter how many people they killed, injured, or terrorized. This was just real nice people demonstratin’ for Social Justice.

*There was no election fraud, no evidence of fraud, all as clean as a whistle–don’t believe your lying eyes. The fraud is going to disappear. You never saw it. You never heard it. Remember how they scrubbed the historical record clean of the Palestinian street celebrations on September 11, 2001. Millions of us saw them on live TV, but now we’re told they never happened, we never saw it.

*In contrast to the hundreds of riots staged this year by Democrats, the one riot–repeat, one–in Washington DC on Jan. 6, in which some people swarmed up the steps of the Capitol–well! That was completely intolerable! Everyone who was involved in it–whatever “involved” means–must be prosecuted! Six months ago, did you hear even one Democrat calling for prosecution of rioters? Even one?

*Hunter Biden didn’t do anything wrong and neither did The Big Guy, his old man, who got 10% of all the swag.

*The Russia Hoax was true after all. But no Democrat did anything wrong.

And the noozies wonder why we hate them.

9 comments on “Election Fraud: The Aftermath

  1. Um, didn’t the “Women’s March” storm the Capitol in 2018 during the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings and wind up being cheered and congratulated by the Democrats?

    1. Yes, they certainly did–pounding on the doors, trying to break into the swearing-in ceremony. Not one Democrat had a single word to say against it.

    2. Even before the swearing-in, they overran the Capitol during the hearings, accosting Senators in hallways and elevators, booing and screaming from the gallery to drown out speakers, and lots of other “peaceful protesting.”

  2. I’m sorry you fail to see reality the way most Americans do. Apparently you are as delusional as Trump and his loyal mob ever were.

  3. I said on this blog many times Trump would win in 2020 by a landslide, and he did. I did not know it was possible to steal a Presidential election. How sad some acted unruly on Jan. 6th at the Capitol building because the evidence of the massive fraud was not then seen by the Congress or the American people. God is in control and working all things for our good because we love Christ. The truth of the election fraud evidence will come out. The hideous satanic agenda of the Dems will be exposed. The 75 million plus who voted for Trump are ready for spiritual battle as never before. Buckle your seatbelts, this is a civil war.

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