It’s No Reflection on You

All sorts of animals get confused by mirrors, but at least dogs and cats seem to enjoy it. You will also see a boy mugged by a parakeet.

I once had a chameleon who responded so aggressively to his reflection (the males get shirty with one another) that I had to take the mirror away before he did himself a mischief.

5 comments on “It’s No Reflection on You

  1. I’ve seen animals respond to their reflections in many different ways. My cat seems to have figured out that her reflection is just that, a reflection, and she doesn’t respond. OTOH, she will watch videos of other cats with great interest. I watch videos of a Mountain Lion, kept as a pet, and if I put these up on the TV, she will watch “Messi” the Puma for 15 or 20 minutes at a time.

    1. True, but that might prove an interesting attraction and introduce your books to more people. Messi is pretty smart. If any Mountain Lion ever masters reading, chances are he would be the one. 🙂

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