7 comments on “Poland to Rein in Social Media ‘Fascists and Bolsheviks’

  1. That is very interesting. Many months ago, I was suddenly prompted to pray for Poland. I didn’t know why, but I have been doing so since then. Before that, I rarely even thought of Poland, but I do now.

  2. The Democrat Communist Party will see a backlash in 2022 that will make history. The Dems are ugly bullies. Impeaching Trump twice for not doing anything wrong is beyond the pale. How does Nancy Pelosi keep all the lies she tells straight? And get ready for the Biden’s flobmobile as he attempts to read teleprompters. The 25,000 Nat’l Guard are in D.C. because otherwise there wouldn’t be a crowd for Biden’s Inauguration – the Lefties are scared to death to physically show up because of the Covid god.

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