We Has A Histry Lessen!!!

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I amb not Sick no moar and “this” moaning We hadded a Histry Lessen it was al abuot Haow Karl Marcks he rited The Decklerasion “Of” Indypendintz while “his” Bruthers thay wher maiking Moovies that “is” wye themb moovies thay was in Black and wyte becose thay “are” so olld!!!!

Back then evry thing “it” was Purfict,, thare wasnt no Incum Innequallaty or nothing lyke “That” until wite peeple thay Caim “over” on the Maiflour and thay brung Capptolism and runed evry Thing!!!!! and Aberhamb Linkin he comed allong and made Slavery and Sisstemick Racism!!!!!

We “are” stil tryying to Cach somb one for a Hyumin Sackerfyce “To”” Pressadint Obomma so he can maik Incum Innequallaty and Climbit Chains and Instratutchinal Racism go awaiy butt “evrytyme” we pick somb boddy fore That thay hyde on us oar Run Aweigh and aslo a Sackerfyce it whill enabel Pressadint Obomma to “taik” Hyumin Formb!!!!! He says “he” “is” geting Tyred “of” beeing this heer Fat Wite guy and watt Is taiking us so lawng??? Aslo it is geting kyned of Expenstive “to” feeed himb tooo!!! Lassed nite he ated Fillay Meenion and Lobbstir and a grate big Caik!!!!

Well i nevvar studdyed no Histry befoar;, yiu shure can lern “Somb” sapprizing Things!!!!!!

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  1. I’m taking notes on all of this so I can pass the quizzes in Joe’s classes. Not that it would matter, since I suppose they don’t give any grades, which would be elitist and cause Grade Inequality. Right?

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