They Mean to Eat Us Alive

Parler: Everything you need to know about the banned conservative social  media platform

Not so fast there, boyo…

The CEO of Apple this past weekend admitted that he and his Big Tech playmates silenced Parler because they didn’t like what people were posting on it (

CEO Tim Cook revealed Big Tech’s collusion against Parler, saying it was done because of “incitement concerns.” He didn’t bother to define “incitement.” It means anything they want it to mean. It means being out of step with Far Left Crazy.

“We don’t consider that free speech,” Cook said. Free speech is lib speech, no other kind.

So Parler barely got out of the starting gate before Big Tech shot it down. Too much free speech, don’t you know. We don’t want the proles questioning Mandates. “By Order of the Governor” means shut up and obey.

Our country has been conquered by an alliance between Big Tech and Dirty Politics.

What will happen when they find out they can’t trust each other?

7 comments on “They Mean to Eat Us Alive

  1. I had a Parlor account and was I loving it. I received the latest true news going on instantly from my trusted Christian conservative friends in the media – it was great! The CEO of Parlor was on the “Mark Levin Show” Sunday night and said his app was number one in the world when they canceled him, getting one million new members on the last day it was available. TwitFaceGooYou will not tolerate competition. They grew so big so fast because they buy up anyone who gets successful. The Parlor CEO was not for sale.

    1. Meet the new Robber Barons — or maybe I should say the REAL Robber Barons, since the old entrepreneurs were true individualists who actually prompted increased competition but just got a bad rep from the growing socialist/labor movement. Ironically, the new Robber Barons present themselves as Defenders Of Liberty even as they squash their competition and muzzle their critics.

      By the way, I love your term TwitFaceGooYou, although (or maybe because) it sounds like a schoolyard taunt when I say it out loud. 🙂

    1. I pray for God to do what Rushdoony call Poetic Justice like in the book of Esther but Rushdoony also taught to be patient and also trust God with what justice looks like and that also mean hoping and praying for salvation of evil people

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