A Spectacularly Rude Awakening

Ooh-ooh! I almost forgot to post this for you. Not sure whether to call it a sanity break. But it’s some kind of break, that’s for sure. Maybe even it’s symbolic. An omen. Send for the augurs!

Anyway, the guy falls asleep on a lounger by his in-ground pool, and along comes a bear (!) to sniff and tap his foot and wake him up.

We can’t tell who was more startled, the man or the bear. But no harm done, all’s well that ends well, we can’t tell whether the guy’s hair would’ve turned white because he doesn’t have any…

Enjoy this break from nooze and politics.

4 comments on “A Spectacularly Rude Awakening

  1. I don’t know what’s funnier; that the bear woke him up like that, or that the very first thing the guy does is reach for his phone and start recording! 😀

    Thank God it was a black bear and not something more aggressive! 😀

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