FBI Wants You to Rat Out Your Neighbor

For the first time ever, the FBI has put up billboards exhorting the public to help them catch their prey.

The billboards read: “Seeking Information/ U.S. Capitol Violence/ Report Tips” (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/01/outrageous-fbi-renting-billboards-around-country-pervert-reality-promote-democrat-lies-president-trump-supporters-violent/).

The Narrative, the Big Lie, is that the Jan. 6 protests in Washington, D.C., in which some protesters swarmed up the steps of the Capitol Building, are the only violent protests ever seen in America and constitute a direct assault on “Our Democracy” [This is why we need barf bags]. The much more violent riots, staged by Democrats all over the country, all throughout the year, were “mostly peaceful protests” for [I really need that bag!] “social justice.”

So, hey, if you’re cheesed off at your neighbor for any reason at all, the FBI has a handy-dandy number you can call to ruin his life. Who knows? If he had a Trump sign on his lawn, they may even disappear him.

Is it fair to point out that the FBI and “Justice” Dept. didn’t succeed in even indicting, let alone punishing, anyone for his or her role in the Russiagate hoax?

“Justice.” It’s a sin, what liberals do to perfectly respectable words.

4 comments on “FBI Wants You to Rat Out Your Neighbor

  1. People have also forgotten the anti-Kavanaugh riots at his hearing, not to mention the anti-Trump riots at his 2017 inauguration. (Yes, violence at the Capitol and all over DC. Burning cars, broken windows, injured police officers — but who cares, right?)

  2. Funny you should mention the FBI. This morning before I left for an afternoon sub teach job, my wife had me put outside our front door the black flag she made, and then I placed the new Trump flag she made along the garage wall that reads” 2020 Trump Won, and below that it reads, “Joe Stole It.” So when I came home this afternoon I teased her by asking if she had receive a visit from the FBI today.

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