P.S.–Dishonest and Disgraceful

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How’s this for cynical and shameful?

We just got an email from Senator Mitch McConnell imploring us to send him $10 “to keep our Senate majority.” It was dated today–repeat, today!–but it spoke of the Jan. 5 Senate runoffs in Georgia as if they hadn’t happened yet.

Keep your majority? What majority? Dude, those elections are over! And thanks to fraud, and thanks to most of the Republican senators just fumfering around when they should have been helping the president, and being too cowardly to object to the electoral vote as they should have… we lost!

We have no Senate majority. I do have $10, but you ain’t gonna get it! Are they trying to con money off poor ignorant citizens who don’t know the election’s over? What would they use it for? Gourmet ice cream?

The problem with the Republican leadership is that they have no respect for Republican voters. “Send us your money and just shut up.”

No, sunshine–you shut up.

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  1. Trump has toyed around with the idea of starting a new party, the Patriot Party. I think if there is ever a time that a third party would succeed it’s now. People are fed with with both the Democrat and Republican parties. There’s only a handful of Republican Senators I can count on one hand. As far as I’m concerned, the GOP committed suicide once they turned on President Trump.

    1. Edit: There’s only a handful of Republican Senators I can count on one hand that are decent.

  2. Having multiple parties is both a blessing and a curse – at least here in Canada, where we have no equivalent of an Electoral Collage. We have 5 main parties: the Liberals (currently in power, and fraudulently so. They have gone so far to the left, they make the NDP look centrist), the Conservatives (who are basically liberal-lite and busily stabbing each other in the backs right now) , the New Democratic Party (aka: communists in orange), the Greens (a once valid party had has gone full watermelon and barely qualifying as a federal party) and the Bloc (a Quebec only party, and very much on the socialist side). So while we have 5 main parties, most Canadians can only vote for 4 of them, and ultimately, it comes down to the Libs or the Cons, with the NDP holding the balance of power.

    There are quite a few other parties as well, plus those who run independently. During the last federal election, we had the new People’s Party of Canada. All they did was split the conservative vote.

    For federal elections, we don’t have one big election, but 338 local elections in individual ridings. We vote for our local representative only, to be our MP (Member of Parliament). The leader of the party that has the most MPs elected becomes the next Prime Minister. The PM must also be an elected MP, so if they lost their riding, some other MP in that party that won has to give up their seat, and the new PM has to acquire a home in that riding. This has happened, but very rarely.

    Unfortunately, those 338 elections are not equitably distributed, and Eastern provinces have far greater representation than Western ones. A federal election can be called and over, before polls are closed in BC.

    There is no viable way to correct that, because the Eastern provinces have the votes to prevent the Western provinces from making changes that would give more equal representation. Which is a huge part of why Western Separation has become a real possibility. Amazingly, there are people who still think 338 seats isn’t good enough, because the PM can get in without the “popular vote”, so they’re pushing for “proportionate representation”, where people from losing parties get appointed as MPs.

    So while having more parties can be a good thing, with more parties able to represent people’s priorities, the current political environment tends to polarize everyone into right or left, liberal or conservative. Without the safeguards of an Electoral College, we are also split East or West.

    Personally, I think the party system should be disbanded. Everyone should run as an independent for local representation, and the PM gets elected separately, through a version of the Electoral College.

    I know leftists are demanding the Electoral College be disbanded. This Canadian hopes that never happens, or you’ll just wind up with a tyranny of the majority, like what we’ve got right now.

    1. As much as I distrust the multi-party system, I have to admit our American two-party system has catastrophically failed us. At one fell swoop we’ve gotten rid of all our checks and balances. God help us.

    2. It’s been so disheartening to watch. We don’t have as many checks and balances as you do; Trump was, in many ways, our last hope to be free of our own fraudulently elected PM. The Keystone pipeline alone would have done more to help our country than anything our federal government has pretended to do in years.

    3. Every sane American would rather buy oil from Canada than from the Middle East. Rest assured we will get no benefit at all from the Democrats’ insane and wicked decision to close the pipeline.

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