Globalist Groomers Meet Pushback

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Time for the globalist party to be over!

The United Nations has failed in an effort to make Western countries’ insane sex-for-the-children policies worldwide (

Delegates from “traditionalist” countries in Africa, Asia, and eastern Europe slammed the door on a plot pushed by the Biden administration to force radical changes in “sex education” upon the rest of the world. They leaned pretty hard on those “traditionalist” countries, but to no avail: those countries weren’t buying it.

Not content with sexually corrupting their own children, the Biden-led West sought to impose their policies on the entire world. Transgender mania, “gay” mania, and all the rest–but enough of the world said “No!” to put a stop to it.

We know they’ll try again.

May Almighty God raise up for us godly and courageous leaders to stand against the globalists and frustrate their designs. This scheme makes the building of the Tower of Babel look like a Cub Scout bake sale.

$5 Million a Pop: San Francisco ‘Reparations’

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“It’s only money! Just throw it away!”

Mathematical wizards have begun to question the soundless of San Francisco’s proposed payment of $5 million a head to “long-term black residents”… $5 million each as “reparations” for slavery which was abolished 158 years ago and never existed in California anyhow (

You don’t need to be any kind of wizard to see that this scheme, in addition to being a towering waste of money, is not only foolish, not only unjust, but downright evil. Making people pay penalties for acts performed by other people better than a century and a half ago–really?

And who has enough integrity not to trade it off for five million smackers? If it were being offered to you–in return for nothing at all!–would you say “no”?

It’s evil because it will corrupt people who might not have been corrupted otherwise.

Who knew that that was the role of government–to lead people into sloth and wickedness?

This is indeed a shameful epoch in our history. We’ll be lucky to survive it.

‘Pervocracy’ (2017)

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Still sinkin’ in the quicksand

Once again the D.C. Swamp has turned back efforts to drain it (we know who you are, Mitch McConnell–Republican “leader” who wouldn’t back Republican candidates). SloJo Biden’s shambles of a presidency has two more years to make us wish our fathers never met our mothers.

And they keep finding these really screwed-up people to bring into the government.


Do they actually go out looking for some of these characters? “Sorry, you won’t do–too sane!” That guy Fetterman was no prize before he had his stroke; now, completely ga-ga, he’s not only going to be one of Pennsylvania’s U.S. senators… but some noozies are already talking him up as presidential timber. “Wahoo! We finally found someone more zoned out than Biden!”

Work, pray, plead for God’s mercy…

‘Abort the Poor to Stop Inflation’

Review of 'A Modest Proposal' by Jonathan Swift | Mar. 17-23, 2021 | Real Change

Jonathan Swift’s satire, A Modest Proposal, recommended that the British Parliament solve the problem of poverty in Ireland by eating Irish babies. We now have a modern equivalent to that… but it’s not satire.

Stacy Abrams, the Democrat running for governor of Georgia, said in an interview with MSNBC this week, “Having children is why you’re worried about your price for gas” (

Voila! Abort your babies and solve inflation!

Just how awful has our political class become? Hey, you’ve got to choose between having a baby and buying that new virtual reality game you saw on TV the other night!

When Roman senators stopped having children, Augustus Caesar called them “murderers of your own posterity.” Is that where we’re headed? Are we there yet?

The election results will help us answer that.

‘Equality Minister’ Defends Adults Having Sex With Children

All new laws must be feminist, says Spain's hard-Left equalities minister

She also says “All new laws must be feminist,” but that’s another story.

It’s not just our country that’s governed by moral imbeciles.

Spain’s “equality minister”–if your state or country has one, you’re paying too much tax–has publicly declared, and we quote, that children “have the right to know that they can love or have sexual relations with anyone they want” (

Well, heck, as long as the six-year-old consents…

And you know Democrats are seeing this and drooling with envy. “That’s what we need! Yeah! A minister of equality!”

And the fallen world keeps falling.

‘Will America’s Immorality Implode?’ (2016)

Trump, Florida lawmakers react to Rush Limbaugh's death

I listened to Rush Limbaugh on the radio for many years, and things like widespread, rampant immorality didn’t used to bother him. But in later years they did, and very much so. Bill Clinton’s presidency was a festival of totally getting away with–and even “celebrating”–notorious immorality.

Will America’s Immorality Implode?

Rush predicted that all this immorality would consume itself, and that the people would come to their senses. That was seven years ago… and look at us.

God told Abraham that the iniquity of the Canaanites was not yet full: He would cast them out, once it was full.

God help us–what’s this country going to look like when her iniquity is full? I don’t like the previews Biden’s showing us!

‘In Search of Happy Stuff’ (2014)

Monarch Butterfly | U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Find joy in the beauty of God’s creation

Eight years later, I’m still searching for happy stuff. It’s always hard to find happy stuff when Far Left Crazy is running things.

In Search of Happy Stuff

Well, we just can’t expect to find it in the nooze, so let’s stop looking there. I’m sure I can find it in the Bible–and in everything else that God has blessed.


‘The Age of Nothingism’

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The first thing I saw when I turned on the computer this morning was Firefox “celebrating Pride Month.” Why are they “celebrating” homosexuality? God knows. And He will not forget that He knows.

The Age of Nothingism

“Nothingism” means “nothing good.” Our ruling class, our wealthy corporations, our (ahem!) “teachers”–the whole evil crowd of them–call evil good and good, evil. They see the same images we do, but they say, “Oh, that’s wonderful, we’ve got to have more of that!” Be it sidewalks heaped with human feces, city neighborhoods being put to the torch, or worse. There’s always worse, and they always seek it out.

May the Lord Our God defend us.

From Speaker of the House to Pot Pusher

Before John Boehner joined Acreage Holdings, 420,000 people were arrested  for selling marijuana while he ran Congress — Quartz

Boo, ya bum, ya!

Remember John Boehner? He was the, ahem, “Republican” Speaker of the House who used to play golf with Obama. Leader of the opposition party–under whose direction there was no meaningful opposition at all. I think he also used to cry a lot.

What’s John Boehner doing now?

Since 2018, he’s been sort of a lobbyist for a major marijuana provider. He says he hasn’t smoked any pot yet himself, but he’s “open” to the idea (

And he’s got a new book out, too, decrying the Country Club & Bow Tie Party’s drift toward populism. Silly voters. And after all the elitists have done for you, too!

I had–past tense–a lot of friends who were serious pot-heads. It made them unspeakably dull.

What did we ever do as a nation to deserve being governed by the likes of Boehner?

Army Recruiting Ad: ‘Two Moms’

[Warning: I think this Army recruitment ad may be the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen.]

“It begins in California with a little girl raised by two Moms…”

Stop. Cut. Caught without a barf bag. Excuse me for a moment.

This is a U.S. Army recruitment ad. It astounds me that anyone would dare pray for our army, in light of this. Victory–for this bunch? You’ve gotta be kidding.

This is your tax dollars at work. Money that you worked for. That the government sucks out of your paycheck and puts to such uses as the one above.

This is us killing our culture. This is us doing stupid stuff to alienate ourselves from God. This is us rejecting His grace.

And all He has to do is just let us continue on our snake-dance off the cliff.