Norbert vs. Godzilla!

Gee, I’m sorry, folks, but Godzilla just never showed up! So all we have to show in this video is Norbert waiting for him.

We need a bit of Norbert in our lives, don’t you think?

4 comments on “Norbert vs. Godzilla!

  1. I have to admit I stopped to savor the headline for a while before actually reading the post or watching the clip. I thought maybe Norbert would encounter a gecko or something. But no matter. Just that dear little face (that tongue! that tongue!) was a joy to watch. He does love his treats, doesn’t he?

    1. My iguana would’ve gotten along so well with him. He liked to make friends with dogs and cats. He’d’ve loved cuddling with Norbert.
      (P.S.–I pray everything’s OK at your end today.)

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