Waht i Amb goingto Doo whith My Lyfe!!

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I hased a Brane Strom!!! Nhow i Know jist waht I amb Goingto doo whith My Lyfe!!!! i soddenly reelyzed I has got “the” Saim Naim “as” Pressadint Joe Bydin and “So” i amb Goingto maik My selph Jist eggzackly lyke himb!!!!!!!!!! That whay thare “wilbe” Two! Of! himb so in Caise “one of” Us hasto go in fore Repears thare wil “Still” “be” one leffed Out Syde!!

So I amb whirking on “geting” Hary Leggs jist “lyke” Jo Bydin’s Hary Legs and it woont “be” eezy becose i has got Hardlee “enny” hare on “My” leggs!!!!! butt i doo has Moth Antenners “on” my Hedd and i Can Cohm themb so thay loook jist lyke Joh Bydin’s Hedd Hare!!!!!

Nhow somb boddy thay toleded me i “has” got To Lurn how to Plaguejurize becose that “is” waht Jo Bydin he duz al “The” Tymbe!!!!!!!!!! i has nevvir Plaguejurized nothing befour butt I amb toled that jist aboot Annyboddy thay can “Lurn” “how!”!” Jist taik stuff that somb boddy Elss thay sayed “and” say i sayed itt!!!

Jo Bydin and me tho we whil has “tobe” Cair Full nott “tobe” seeen Two-gethur att “the” Saim Tyme becose thenn somb Biggit Haters thay whil say that “one Of” us he “is” Faik!!!!!! butt as sooon as Jo he gets ridd “Of” the Furst Emendmint thenn That it willbe “No Promble” becose no boddy thay whil “notbe” Aloud to say nothing lyke “that”!”!”

Well i caint harredlee Whait tilll i groh mats and matts of Legg Hares and al the Littel Chilldrin thay wil whant “to” Play whith themb In “the” Swimmbing Poool!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Great idea, Collige Joe! You could also start putting you nose on females necks and smell their hair? Even little girls are fair game. And you can tell boldface lies like Biden – won’t that be a kick.

  2. It should be easy for Joe Collidge to plagiarize from the other Joe, since both seem to have the same verbal skills. Come to think of it, maybe The Other Joe has been plagiarizing from our Joe.

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