What If…? (Pure Speculation)

The Supreme Court building, Poland

Just sayin’, okay? But once upon a time I studied international law in college: so I know that cases come up sometimes that have political ramifications for a third party not directly involved in the case.

And remember how lib judges on our Supreme Court trotted out foreign court decisions every chance they got? Hold that thought, as I present a hypothetical situation.

Smith sues Jones in Poland, and the case works its way up to Poland’s Supreme Court. Jones’ defense is that he is not liable (for whatever) because the 2020 elections in the United States were rife with fraud.

What if the Polish court rules in Jones’ favor? They would have to make a public statement, in a court ruling, that America’s presidential election was a scam. The ruling would have no legal effect within the United States, but it would certainly be a milestone on the highway of history.

Think the libs’d want to trot out that foreign court decision as a precedent?

I’m not predicting this will happen. But it could.

4 comments on “What If…? (Pure Speculation)

  1. I’m all for it. There is a case in Pennsylvania by a legislator that is pending before the Supreme Court. It looks like they will take, and then here comes the truckloads of evidence. If someone votes who is not allowed to that is fraud, plain and simple. A friend of mine worked on the Georgia Run Off going door to door. Some people he interviewed received five voter ballots. Also, anyone could come into Georgia and register by saying they had been living there for over 30 days, and they did not even need to show any proof of it – no telling how many busloads of people the Dems brought in for that.

    1. It’s been a busy time, the last two weeks. Between the emotional roller coaster of the last few months, information and misinformation, I’m exhausted. Fortunately, work has been busy and that’s been very good for me. I scored a major touchdown yesterday at work. At least that’s going well.

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