Tranquility Break: Freshwater Jellyfish

Freshwater jellyfish aren’t rare, but Mr. Nature has never seen one. Another reader reports, “I grew up on a lake that had thousands and thousands of these living in it.” Here we have them in an aquarium.

They’re roughly the size of a dime or a penny, they eat microscopic plankton, and are totally harmless as far as human beings are concerned. I don’t know about you, but I find it quite soothing to watch them. We don’t know exactly how this happens, but they can unexpectedly appear in abundance in bodies of water that never had them before. Some fish do this, too. Birds seem to be involved somehow. Well, they would be, wouldn’t they?

I wouldn’t surprised to hear that many of you had never heard of any such thing as freshwater jellyfish and find the whole idea surprising. That’s God’s stuff for you. There’s always something new to discover in Creation.

4 comments on “Tranquility Break: Freshwater Jellyfish

  1. My first thought was that I’d never heard of freshwater jellyfish before, but then I remembered reading (in pre-internet days. LOL) about large numbers of them suddenly appearing, in lakes. The articles didn’t bother mentioning the word “freshwater”, since… well, it was pretty obvious they had to be, since they were in those lakes. LOL

    When my husband was in the navy and posted to Esquimalt, in Victoria, BC, one of my favorite places to go was Saxe Point Park. For a prairie girl, clambering all over the rocks and checking out the tide pools was such an amazing thing! One day – just one – I went there and the water was FILLED with little jellyfish. I’d never seen a jellyfish in real life before. To suddenly be seeing thousands of them along the shore was so very exciting! They are just mesmerizing to watch!

    Then they just disappeared, as quickly as they appeared.

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