Only 400 Comments to Go!

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G’day! This is me looking puzzled. Like, blimey! Where is everybody today?

Well, I’m Byron the Quokka and I’m here to tell you there are only 414 comments left to go to reach 70,000–a measly 400!

The lucky reader who posts the winning comment gets an autographed copy of one of Lee’s books. You can even hold out for the new book, The Wind from Heaven, which hasn’t been published yet, if you want. Or you can ask for an earlier book in the series. This one, for instance–

The Glass Bridge (Bell Mountain #7): Lee Duigon: 9781891375675:  Books

I love this cover. The girl in the boat looks just exactly like a girl quokka that I used to date, only she should have a furry face.

Seventy thousand is a colossal milestone. Did you know they used 70,000 bricks to make the Colossus of Rhodes?

I wonder what kind of response we’d get if the prize was 70,000 bricks…

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  1. I would trade in the bricks for a bicycle. And then I’d trade in the bicycle for a copy of Lee’s forthcoming book. 🙂

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