Far Left Wacko Calls for “Citizen Detectives” to Spy on Americans

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It’s getting to be harder and harder to say it can’t happen here.

Now we’re seeing what kind of mutants come out of the woodwork after Democrats steal an election.

A “best-selling author”–no, I won’t name him, no free publicity here–has racked up 3 million Twitter views by calling upon his fellow leftists to become “citizen detectives” spying on Trump supporters so they can “report them to authorities” (http://www.christianitydaily.com/articles/10611/20210122/left-sowing-discord-calls-for-citizen-detectives-who-will-monitor-trump-supporters.htm).

Report us? For what? For voting to re-elect our president. This he labels “domestic terrorism,” comparing you and me to Osama bin-Laden. We’re all “extremists,” don’t you know. 75 million of us.

Have they also stolen America itself? To be replaced by self-appointed secret police to prey on normal people?

That’s what the guy wants, it seems.

5 comments on “Far Left Wacko Calls for “Citizen Detectives” to Spy on Americans

  1. The Left’s narrative now is those on the Right are going to turn to violence as take to the streets to burn it all down (wait, isn’t that what the Left was saying when Trump was in charge?). The Dems are way over-confident and it is going to bite them in the behind. When Japan bombed Pearl Harbor their Emperor bemoaned, “We have awakened a sleepy giant.” Yes, we will be pushing back but with the Truth and the Light and with faith in the Lord of Hosts and we will prevail.

    1. The actual quote was from Admiral Yamamoto, who led the attack: “We have wakened a slumbering giant, and filled him with a terrible resolve.” I wonder if he ever tried to talk Tojo & Co. out of it. There was a peace party in Japan in 1941, but it couldn’t make much headway.

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