‘Idiot: Now Nancy Drew Will Be “Diverse”‘ (2016)

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I have no idea whatever became of this benighted project. I have hopes it never saw the light of day.

Idiot: New Nancy Drew Will Be ‘Diverse’

*Sigh* Just what we needed–another gritty big-city cop show. Nancy Drew, a smart-as-a-whip teenaged girl, with her own roadster–that was creative. Unusual. Interesting! And young readers loved those books just as they were for 70 years. More than that, even. So of course you let a bunch of Far Left boobs in the TV series erase every trace of charm, originality, or pleasure. That’s what they do best.

Are we ever going to waken from this nightmare?

4 comments on “‘Idiot: Now Nancy Drew Will Be “Diverse”‘ (2016)

  1. This is the stupidest thing. I read every one of these books I could find in the local library, and loved every one. Anyone who has so little to do needs to go on a long vacation to some remote island and get lost.

  2. Someone should sue them for violating the Truth in Advertising laws. What they’re presenting is NOT Nancy Drew, but a completely different product that purports to be the same one.

    1. It’s my great-grandfather’s hatchet.
      My grandpa had to replace the handle.
      My day replaced the head.
      But it’s still great-grandpa’s hatchet.
      (Even this is more rational than their phony Nancy Drew.)

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