Everyone’s a Critic (Dogs, Too)

Here’s a bulldog watching one of those unnecessary King Kong remakes. She obviously agrees with me that two tyrannosaurs in the same scene is just too much.

I wonder–can all dogs learn to react to pictures on a TV screen as if the action depicted was… real?

Good thing that never happens with humans.

7 comments on “Everyone’s a Critic (Dogs, Too)

  1. These two dogs come alive when dogs come on TV, especially if they bark. But, they don’t pay much attention to the TV, just run for the door wanting out, thinking the dogs are outside somewhere.

  2. That’s pretty funny. Dogs are great at sensing excitement.

    I heard something interesting about dinosaurs, just today. They are always portrayed as making roaring sounds, but that’s more of a mammal thing. It is much more likely that they sounded like alligators.

    1. That also make a low, croaking sound, which is pretty interesting. I once picked up a baby Cayman and it started in with that sound. Apparently it thought that it’s mother was somewhere in the pet shop.

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