Assault with a Blunt Instrument–Maxine Waters

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Democrats have accused President Donald Trump of inciting a riot and are attempting to “impeach” him, although he is not in office anymore. Surely the president’s defenders will point out that more than a few Democrats in Congress exhorted their followers to riot.

The whole country saw them encouraging the rioters every day, everywhere–so, as is their custom whenever truth proves inhospitable to their, um, “narrative,” they meet the facts with bald-faced lies.

Like Maxine Waters denying that she ever, ever urged anyone to assault persons serving in the Trump administration (

Look at the videotape embedded in the linked American Thinker article. We’ve got you on video, Maxine! “If you think we’re rowdy now, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!” she orates. She urges her followers to “confront” Trump administration officials whenever and wherever they appear in public, and to follow them home, gather around their houses, and make enough noise to prevent them and their families from being able to sleep.

According to law, this behavior is assault; and it is a criminal offense.

What kind of bunyip denies something that the whole world can see and hear on video?

Why is assault okay when Democrats do it?

Who paid rioters’ bail all summer so they could go out and riot some more?

We are told some 80 million people, who now cannot be found, voted for this Democrat monstrosity of a government.

You can’t say their lies are very clever, can you?


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