Lawyer Insists, ‘I Am Not a Cat’

Bonus video for the few, the proud, who actually visit here this evening! (Yes, I know it’s supposed to snow again.)

Somehow this lawyer, trying to have a Zoom conference with a judge, wound up with a cat speaking all his lines. Of course he didn’t know how to fix it. Neither did the judge. So they had to let the cat talk.

Is it possible we have more technology than we can handle?

8 comments on “Lawyer Insists, ‘I Am Not a Cat’

  1. I certainly believe technology can go too far. Like all man made things, it can be misused, etc.
    I just thought of a nice song by Carroll Roberson “He’s Still God”, maybe for tomorrow?

  2. I’ve seen this clip half a dozen times now, at various sites, and each time I crack up — especially when the cat, I mean lawyer-with-the-filter-on, says “I’m not a cat.” Funniest clip of the week, if not the year so far.

  3. This was so funny! They interviewed the lawyer later on and he said he was using his secretary’s computer and it already had the cat filter on when he logged on to Zoom. LOL

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