We’ve Invented a New Word Game for You!

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G’day again! Not to hog the blog, and after all, Quokka University isn’t open yet–but this can’t wait!

In partnership with Violet Crepuscular, author of the epic romance, Oy, Rodney, our Quokka U. Dept. of Recreation Science has invented a new word game that anyone can play. All you need is a pencil and a piece of paper–or a jolly good memory.

The game is called Letter Rip. You start out with a word, or a two-word phrase, and one bonus letter that isn’t used in the target word or phrase. You then try to see how many four or five-letter words you can make from the letters in the target phrase–words that must begin with the bonus letter.


Target Phrase: Broken Vaporizer    Bonus Letter: C

And some of the 5-letter words we’ve made: crone, craze, caper, cobra, cover, carob, coven, crane… and so on.

There! Wasn’t that fun? Who says college isn’t good for anything!

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  1. Ha, this is similar to a word exercise I do occasionally. I do it just to try to sharpen my mind. I take a long word and see how many other words I can make using the letters in it. Just for example, see how many words you can make from the little word pantry.

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