Not Just Cowards, But Fools

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Speaking as a Republican, to Republicans, I have to say it–our party’s leadership needs to be replaced, big-time.

Consider: we had Donald Trump, not only the most popular Republican president (within the GOP itself: Democrats have a pathological hatred of him), but also the most popular Republican, among Republicans, nationally–and all our party leaders can do is to kick him while they think he’s down.

Mitch McConnell, Nikki Haley, Mitt Romney–the whole gang of twerps on Capitol Hill–couldn’t go quite as far as to impeach him while he wasn’t in office anymore, but they sure do want to trash him. They certainly don’t support him.

And at the same time, they’re bombarding us with emails asking for more of our money. “Hi, you little people out there! We won’t support the president that 74 million of you voted for–which is just another way of saying we won’t support you–but how’s about you pour some more of your hard-earned money into our campaign chests?

“We’re counting on you not to remember how we twiddled our thumbs and gave you absolutely nothing while we had the majority in both houses of Congress! We couldn’t even try to repeal Obamacare, although you elected us to do just that. In fact, we didn’t provide any meaningful opposition whatsoever–Obama might as well have been a king, for all we ever stood up to him.

“And now that we’ve stood by and let Democrats torpedo your president and cancel your votes, don’t you think it’s time you shelled out some more of your money to us? While we sit on our hands and let that new Biden regime run wild at your expense? Oh! and Communist China loves us! So you should, too.”

What in the world makes them think that they can get away with this?

Answer: they think we’re really stupid.

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  1. I only wish they could see clearly just how totally foolish and wicked they look to us. I would almost be willing to donate to a cause for buying a mirror (a very special kind of spiritual mirror) to show each of them in turn just the way they look to us. They might have heart attacks and keel over, but they really do need a view from the mirror of reality.

    1. It’d be really nice if, just for a change of pace, the party’s leaders supported the party’s base. But these jerks are too busy being globalists.

  2. Happy President’s Day!! Sure wish I could have been at the rally near Mara Lago today that was celebrating the greatest President we have ever had. The Lord is using what the enemy meant for bad to expose who is for the darkness and who is for the light. Mitch McConnell has been revealed as for the darkness (we already knew about Mitt Romney).

    1. We trusted them, and they failed us. On purpose. They were not worthy of their base. And we had a right to believe we could trust them: they have betrayed us.

    2. The question is, what will happen next. If there is a movement towards internal reform within the party, that would be promising, but if not; let’s just say that third parties rarely succeed.

    3. The trouble is that they bank on our not wanting to vote third party. But what good does it do to vote for Republicans to do whatever the Democrats want? Lee, you say you got eight years of Bill Clinton. But would it have been any better with, say, Bob Dole? He usually voted with the Democrats, too.

      I don’t know what I’ll do next if the Republicans put up another squish for President in 2024. But I suppose it doesn’t matter, now that the Democrats know how to steal elections no matter how many people vote against them. And God help us if they manage to push H.R.1 and S.1 through. Then all protections against election fraud will be formally wiped out altogether.

    4. We do have a right to expect our representatives to represent us. If they don’t, the whole foundation of our government is washed away.

  3. The RINO class has been totally exposed. Mitch was always a coward and is not one to take on a fight. People like Paul Ryan, who was my representative was run out of Washington because he knew he could not win another election as a Republican. Sane with Jeff Flake and others. This is a real gut check time for the Republican Party. Will it stick with the Country Clublicans or with the Trumplicans. The base has clearly shifted to the latter and my hope that it stays that way.

    1. The GOP leadership has failed us, the GOP base. You’d almost think they had something against Republican voters.

      We need Donald Trump back in the White House.

    2. Absolutely correct and it has been going on for years. This goes all the way back to Bush 41, except for when Newt was leader. Had it not been for 9/11, Bush 43 was a complete failure. They talked, but never did. Nothing that a good old war couldn’t fix.

    3. And that’s what they count on. I think you will see a shift to Trump’s PAC. At least I hope. Building a wall around the Capitol should tell you all you need to know. It’s about them, not us.

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