A Meditation: Prophets

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My Bible reading has brought me again to the prophecies of Jeremiah and Ezekiel: and the word that God delivers through them, as usual, has very badly scared me.

God is going to lower the boom on Israel, on Judah, and on Jerusalem. He is going to pour out His wrath on them; and these, His prophets, deliver the warning of impending destruction and call for national repentance. And of course they don’t repent, and God wipes them off the map.

When I read these writings, I can’t help feeling that the prophets are also talking about my country, in my time. America. And other countries that have rejected or bastardized their Christian heritage. All of us. Those warnings apply to us.

So, yeah, I’m scared. Is it too late for us to repent? Too late to turn aside God’s wrath? Have we as a nation allowed one too many abortions, one too many Drag Queen Story Hours, one too many mutilations of children to “reassign their gender,” one too many preachers silenced for preaching God’s word, one too many mockeries of marriage, one too many pagan idols carried into our churches… Can we allow those things, and still escape judgment? Have we already run out of time? Has our punishment actually begun?

What can we do but pray?

O Lord our God! Remember that these things are done against our will, without our consent, and over our objections! Remember that we have tried to stop them, but have not the power to do so. Remember, Lord, and deliver us out of the hands of those who do those wicked and ungodly things, and refuse to repent, refuse to change their ways. In Jesus’ name, O God, deliver us. Amen.


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  1. Just as God has always had a faithful remnant among His chosen people, in the same way, He has a faithful remnant among Gentiles who cling to His truth, and His commandments. The nation may be all but destroyed, but not God’s people who have repented and sought His will. It will not be pleasant, but keep your eyes on the Word and it’s instruction.

    1. Yes, God has His remnant, and they have been praying and repenting. Stop watching the MSM news or reading their stories. There are good things in the making about to happen. Keep your eyes on Trump – it is going to be a heaven of a ride.

  2. I just heard a report about the situation concerning Damascus, and the IDF. Isaiah 17:1 on the horizon?

  3. I didn’t turn it on, but my son who owns the house and TV had it on, and I heard as I was sitting nearby and reading.

  4. Even though things look dark and gloomy I don’t believe it’s too late. There’s a faithful remnant that have repented and are appealing to heaven for God to save America. If just one man, Moses, can change God’s mind, how much more so the hundreds of thousands of saints in America? I believe the majority of American’s are wanting the same thing and they voted overwhelming for a man whose platforms represented righteousness. But the enemy has stolen victory through fraud and deceit… for now at least.

    I don’t believe we as a nation can be held accountable for the legalization of abortion and same sex marriage. We the people never got a say on it. That was unilaterally decided for us by the men in black aka The Supreme Court. So America can’t be collectively held accountable for something we never had a choice in. The problem is we have a lot of unrighteous leaders who are pulling America in a Godless direction and we have been virtually powerless to stop it…. but God can.

    God never judges the wicked along with the righteous, otherwise it wouldn’t be just. We can see many examples of that in the Bible: Noah, Lot, The Hebrews in Goshen, etc. They were all exempt from God’s judgment. God wouldn’t destroy Sodom if just ten righteous were found in the city, and I know there are more than that in America. I do, however, believe there is going to be a very specific and limited judgment on these wicked leaders who are purposely corrupting our society. That includes those jackals who stole this election and are trying to steal our country.

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