‘Fallacies of Pop Christianity’ (2013)

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It’s the nature of vacuums to be filled, one way or another. The vacuum created by churches’ failure to teach the Bible has been filled by, among other things, something we might call “pop Christianity.”

Fallacies of Pop Christianity

Is it any better than New Age drivel, atheism, or out-and-out paganism? Didn’t Israel, in the Old Testament, try to get by with pop Judaism? And how did that turn out for them?

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  1. Yes. And there are other misleading hallmarks of these songs, among with the emphasis on “me” and “I.” Traditional hymnody is different for a reason. Or sixteen. Thanks for posting, Lee!

    1. I post new hymns when readers ask for them, but my hearts with the traditional stuff.
      Have I ever posted any favorite hymn requested by you?

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